martes, enero 23, 2007

tu tu tuuuu

Nu sé que poner ... le haré como me dijo ale:
"Hola! hoy me eché un pedo XDDD adios..."
JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA soy una master postiando jojojo pero ps bueno... que les cuento? mmm... ps verán... iba yo caminaaaaando por la calle cuando de prontoooo... lo vi!! era pequeño, peludo y... me ladró XDDDD JAJAJAJAJAJA NO MAAAA ESTOY DE PINCHE SIMPLE XDDD
A ver, a ver, ahora si... en serio... Ps mi papi me compró un iPod con mas memoria que mi Lap xDDD y me puse a bajar musica como loca y descubri que me gustó mucho silverstein :D y stratovarius xD y mi hermano me prestó sus discos shidoooos :D de steve vai, Dream Theater y Therion y Symphony X :D y me gustaron mushooo ...
mmm... se acaban las ideas... Qué tal si dejo una de mis canciones favoritas de Silverstein? XD pa que no se vea tan cortito el post xDDD okei okei ahi se ven xD

Silverstein- My Heroine
The drugs begin to peak
A smile of joy arrives in me
But sedation changes to panic and nausea
And breath starts to shorten
And heartbeats pound softer
You won't try to save me
You just want to hurt me
And leave me desperate

You taught my heart
A sense I never knew I had
I can't forget
The times that I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it
You're my heroine

You won't leave me alone
Chisel my heart out of stone
I give in everytime

I bet you laugh, at the thought of me thinking for myself (myself)
I bet you believe, that I'm better off with you than someone else
Your face arrives again, all hope I had becomes surreal
But under your covers more torture than pleasure
And just past your lips there's more anger than laughter
Not now or forever will I ever change you
I know that to go on, I'll break you, my habit

I will save myself

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